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brow bar

Pro-Brows:                            €30

3 easy steps sculpt your eyebrows like

never before; includes consultation and

measuring, requires patch test 24 hours

prior to the treatment



Eyebrow wax                            €9

Eyebrow/Lip threading                 €12

Eyebrow tint                           €9

Eyelash tint                          €14


Eyebrow wax, Eyebrow tint             €25

& Eyelash tint


Eyebrow threading, Eyebrow tint       €27

& Eyelash tint


Henna Brows                           €40

(50% off any waxing

when added to this treatment)




Note: all treatments that include tinting require patch test 24 hours prior to the treatment. Please, talk to one of our beauticians for more information